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You know what bothers me about Once Upon A Time?
How the queen is so cliche evil. I mean I KNOW evil queens in fairy tales generally don't have any motivation beyond "I'M EVIIIIL" but I expected more from you show.
Maybe they'll reveal her motives but I'd much rather have seen her as a Mother Gothel (Tangel) kind of character...
That said Once Upon A Time is great and if you're not watching it yet you should start!
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 Probably judgemental. So the pictures and information of the contenders for a role in Glee on Project Glee were released here. My tumblr dash has apparently decided that Cameron should win because he's sorta hipster cute and tumblr is fickle and hipster-y.
My thoughts. )
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So I didn't post about last week's episode because let's face it there wasn't much to see there. Let's get the boring stuff out of the way first.
The only straight I am is straight up bitch. )
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So my tumblr followers know I've been watching Doctor Who. I can't say I knew nothing about it before starting. In fact I always said I know way too much for someone who has never seen an episode. But my knowledge could be pretty much summed up in this Kate Beaton comic. Which is pretty accurate. I know some DW fans found it too accurate for someone who has never seen DW but trust be you do know this much and more when you have any friends who watch the show. I have one rl friend who watched Torchwood. I know a bit about that as well thanks to him and other online friends who are fans. But I haven't decided if I'll watch that yet because I watched the first few minutes and I didn't understand a word of the accent. Maybe it was a bad quality video. But anyway thanks to the comic I still imagine the Doctor and him companion simply kicking the Daleks whenever they appear.

Anyway I am currently on episode three of the third season of Doctor Who. I enjoy it but I'm really not a fan yet. The reason is probably that I I refused to watch DW for so long so now I don't want to give in haha Well I never said I wasn't petty. Also I've never really been into scifi. If anything I am into fantasy. My mother likes SciFi but it was never for me really. Oh and also I'm so used to overproduced American shows that have a much bigger budget that I had a hard time adjusting to that in terms of special effects and lightning and stuff. Why is the lightning in American and British shows so different? I always notice that. I'll go google that.

I think I'll watch until the fifth season in any case because I'm really curious about eleven. I actually really want to skip ahead because Amy looks so cute. Priorities I have them. Currently my favourite Doctor is still nine. I really miss him. :| I didn't think I would grow attached to him because I know much more about Tennant but there you go.

So those are my thoughts on Doctor Who for now. I'll let you know more as I watch more episodes. :)
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You guys know I'm a BroTP shipper.
Rock opera about a frozen yoghurt shop. )
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Why are all my shows on break?
I feel like I never post anymore. I'm all over tumblr reblogging and it's made me even lazier. I need to get shit done. I'll make a personal post with a list later.

So Glee. Mixed feelings but overall I loved it. Which may have been due to sleep deprivation.
Yes I stayed up. I went to bed at 8 pm though so I got about as much sleep as I otherwise do.
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Glee )

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I have been neglecting this
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Glee 2x12

Feb. 11th, 2011 02:02 pm
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So I already did a squee post but maybe I should talk about it some more. Because I never get tired of talking about Kurt and Blaine and their possible romance. And by now I think I have saved up enough gifs to do this.
You're really, really pretty - GAP guy. )
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This week's (second) Glee episode?



More later when I get back from school. I really need a Blaine/Klaine icon...
YAY FOR THE RETURN OF SASSY BITCHY KURT. Emotional growth as well with handling the situation.
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I made a sheet with things I want to discuss! I'm really bored at school okay?
Excuse my flawless handwriting and my inability to spell names especially Beiste's. I love her I swear. Apparently everyone hated the episode but I really liked it.
It's the championship game! )
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Just got up super early to watch Glee. What is wrong with me.

Awesome episode. Loved it. It was like old Glee but bigger and with more Klaine.

I love Blaine and I love Kurt and if Karofsky shows up at Dalton to harrass Kurt I'm gonna cut somebody. No easy redemption please.

More after my rewatch this afternoon.


Dec. 21st, 2010 06:31 pm
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What did everyone think of the Christmas episode?

I'm confused about the time travel from last episode. Someone explain to me why they all remember in this episode  and why future Simon had Alisha's interview when it never actually happened.
But I guess Alisha just explained it again in the three months.
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Praise the lactose intolerance?

What did you guys think of Misfits?
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Except for Mulan of course because the flawlessness that is Mulan shall never be reached. No I mean it was very good. Tangled that is. It had humour and songs and romance :D Great! I almost cried when all the people in the city let their lanterns fly. ;___; And when the king and queen were crying. *wibbles* So good.
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As always a little Glee opinion before I leave for school
Spoilers for christmas episode )

Okay this is way long. What did you think? Especially about Kurt/Blaine?
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I couldn't watch live because I was eating berry crumble with my parents but I think it's actually better to watch a download because I won't have to put up with a shitty stream and I can review while I watch.
Too many missions for me to keep up with this late )
THAT'S IT. That's Merlin for this year. Now let's have a good cry.
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