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Let's talk Glee

So I didn't post about last week's episode because let's face it there wasn't much to see there. Let's get the boring stuff out of the way first.

Will/Emma and Emma's OCD
I think it's good that they're adressing Emma's OCD but you can't just have it as a joke and then act serious about it. But that's what Glee does you know? Otherwise I have never cared about Emma/Will or Will's love in general so I was tumbling while they were on mostly haha

Lauen for Prom Queen/Lucy Caboosy
Well I didn't see that one coming. But I'm still convinced they pulled the Quinn background thing of their asses because her transfering has never been mentioned before as far as I know. I'm still unsure about Lauren. On one hand yes Quinn has been a bitch and she insulted Lauren. On the other hand what Lauren did wasn't okay. So I'm wary on that.

Acceptance/Nose job/Finchel/Fuinn

I don't like Finchel or Fuinn much but sometimes I like both together. Like in this episode Finn was mature again and acted right. But sometimes he's a complete idiot and sometimes I think Finn/Rachel are completly losing themself when they're with Finn and that they're better and more independent alone. On the nose job. Let's not pretend Rachel and Quinn aren't beautiful girls. I loved I feel pretty/unpretty. Their voiced fit so well and I never thought they would go well together. But I loved it. Great scene as well. I admit I occsionally ship Faberry. But I'd settle for kind of friendship. I like Rachel and Quinn scenes when they're not bringing each other down. All in all Pretty/Unpretty was stuck in my head all day as well as Born This Way. Otherwise the insecurities were understandable I guess except that Artie could just wear contacts. Also so much props for Mike for being the best boyfriend ever.

Let's get to the fun stuff

Kurt my love
He's finally back! Somwhere Only We Know = endless tears. Blaine loves him so much. They're so married. Insert more Klaine shipper comments I usually make. As If We'd Never Said Goodbye = fllawless five minutes of song. Great, great, great. Babra Streisand flash mob =hot and awesome dance moves. Also mini Puckurt moment! Yaay! The outfits, the snark and maturenss. He really has grown up. That scene with Karofksy in Figgins' office? Yes. Everything I never knew I wanted. I'll get back to the San and Karofsky thing in the next point.

Santana and Karofsky
Max Adler is such a fantastic actor. Karofsky is saying exactly what Santana made him say but you can see that he means some of it. And the end after they saw the Born This Way performance? Both Naya and Max killed that. How can one look say so much? I think Karofsky is changing and I had great doubts before. But this episode handled it really well. Of course tumblr guessed Santana figuring it out and blackmailing Karofsky after last episode but whatever. I still liked how they did it. I'm interested in how that will play out. And I love Karofsky's father. I like that he isn't pressuring Dave into being a homophobe and is completly different from how you expect him to be. And Burt Hummel you are the best TV Dad of all time. I love that he brought up all the points the money for Dalton, Karofsky's death threats. Because that's what I've been saying. I don't care if he meant it or not you still don't say shit like that. End of discussion. And Finn being Kurt's brother! Yay I've wanted that for so long.
PS: Dave checking out Sam's ass? Save shipping has been all over my dash for a week now so I'm happy for the shippers haha

Santana my girl. She's so fierce and I have so much love for her. I know she can be a total bitch but I loved what they did with her character. Wanting to win prom queen to trick Brit into being with her. It's so Santana. It's wrong but she just wants Brittany. It breaks my heart. I like Brit and Artie together but I ship Brittana as well. It's hard but in the end Santana and Brittany seem to make each other better and they have a deeper connection. Basically Santana is my hero this episode. Her and Kurt. But that's probably always the case.

And I loved Born This Way. The dancing and everything. Chris Colfer looked so hot. :D Me gusta. And so cute with Tina and Mercedes. Aw they missed each other so much. I'm glad he's back even if I love the Warblers.

That is all.