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When does Glee start today?

Can anyone convert that to my time here in Europe (Germany)?
Pleeeease I suck at this. Or tell me what time it's on in New York or whatever and I'll look it up on my ipod.
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Quick I need the Emma crying in the car singing All By Myself Glee gif!


Jan. 24th, 2011 10:27 pm
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Would someone care to get me this Valentine's Day card?

I normally don't do that but omg that card! I'll send you a card back? :D
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Help.[Poll #1657246]If you choose XBox or Wii which extensions like the wheel for Wii etc. would you get? Which games would you buy for whatever you choose?
Play Station is out of question that's why it isn't up there.

Help guys

Nov. 5th, 2010 10:19 pm
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Give me your best snickerdoodle receipe?
I found so many different ones.
Have a kitty.
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Hilfe D:
Bestimmen Sie die 1. Ableitung der Funktion, indem Sie den Grenzwert des Differnzquotienten für h gegen 0 berechnen.

1) f(x) = 1/2x² + 7x
2) E(x) = -5x² + 55x
3) f(x) = x³ – x

Hinweis zu 3
f(x) = x³ – x
f(x+h) = (x+h)³ - (x+h)

Ich habe echt keine Ahnung. Ihr habt doch fast all Abitur D: Helft mir.
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Could anyone help me out with some Spanish? I need to give a brief presentation and I want to make sure my notes are right.

I especially need some sort of introduction sentence like "Today we will tell you something abou Granada" as easily as possible. Something like "Todavía Hoy hablamos sobre Granada" ? I don't know if that's right which is why I need help. Is the todavía at the right place? I'm sure. And maybe some idea for an easy sentence I could add to that? Like I mentioned we're talking about Granada and it will be five minutes tops. A guy in my group is doing facts and something about a museo and I'm doing Alhambra and two barrios. I have some stuff about the barrios from the offical website but I still need some easy sentences about the Alhambra.

I just need someone to look it over when I finish that.

thanks for the help!
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I really need a world cup icon to support my team? Help?
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Haha my title is kind of a song spoiler. So sorry but who didn't see that one coming?

So anyway a lot of people were disappointed in the episode. As was I. Anyway you all know I adore Kurt more than it's healthly. Even when I call him out for being mean to Rachel for no reason I still can't help but love him. Anyway so the lack of Rachel. We're so fickle right? One time most of us want less Rachel and now an episode where she hardly says anything is the worst thing ever and she should have been given more lines? Personally I don't miss her that much and it only really annoys me when she's putting the other Glee member's down for no reason, getting all the songs (with Finn) and having boring romance/drama with Finn.

Anyway I still was disappointed. But Hairography was worse of course. D: But this episode was so over the place and way too sappy for Glee. Glee should always be funny while still having serious issues. Loved Becky Johnson being kind of regular and Sue kind of being proud of her (though for the wrong reasons). And Brittany and Santana of course. Oh and the Quinn and Mercedes talk. Kind of teared up at "Beautiful" yeah I know, I know but it's really how we all feel sometimes y'know? Anyway I disliked Kurt being kind of selfish although to a degree I get it. But he only lied about joining the football team because he thought his father would disapprove if he didn't and otherwise didn't try to be interested in his dad's hobbies right? It's a tough situation I guess. I liked that we got more of Carol and Burt though and I've been rooting for them for a long time. Anyway I guess the topic was just very serious and there wasn't much room for jokes.

As for the songs...well I'm a Cheno fan. I loved Fire and I really loved Kurt's voice in A House Is Not A Home. So sad that Finn had to join in and ruin everything. But other than that it was forgetable and April's apperance didn't make all that much sense.

Hope next week will be better and I just love Bad Reputation. Dude remember that epic movie 10 Things I Hate About You? First song they play and it's not even on the soundtrack. But on my ipod it is.

Btw. can someone tell me a better site (not program) to download youtube videos? I've been looking for one APH MAD forever and I can't watch it because of youtube and I can't manage to download it.

I'm in a dancing mood today (A- in German and too much The Fame) so I'll leave you with that completly random gif.

No Lost
No Big Bang Theory (thank god I dread having to drop it if it keeps disappointing)
HIMYM (kind same)
Project Runway (because it was the finale and I don't review it anyway)
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Crisis averted see edit

My youtube user account got "deactivated" at least that's what it says when I try to logg in. It also says that it's final. I googled and found out that I can never make an account with my e-mail and am banned from seeing other people's accounts. I'm so angry about this. I had a lot of subscriptions that I lost and I can't even make a new account! Well anyway I thought I'd try to make a new account with an other e-mail. I did it with because I just wanted to try if it would worked. First of all you have to get a google mail account or something and then they ask for your mobilephone number so they can confirm. I gave my mobile number but they said it was not found for the country (Germany) I had said I was from.

I never got any warnings before my account was deleted. I had a few videos taken down really early like years ago. But those were more than three and it says after three offenses they delete you. But I hadn't uploaded a video in years. I just think this is incredibly unfair especially because I never got any warning or explanation as to why I was even deleted.

Please help! I know I can't get the old account back but can't I make a new one? I can't keep track of all my subscription's otherwise.

[ profile] jp_lilith  who set up my new account. I was just too stupid to do it. I have no idea. Thanks for all the advice. :) I'm pretty much calmed down now because I haven't favourited vids in forever and I know my regular subscriptions. It was still a shock. And I realised how much I depend on youtube and having an account. Video watching is just not the same when I can't rate them or subscribe to the user.
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[Error: unknown template qotd]I own 5 Naruto Mangas
I have a Detective Conan fan
I don't own a single Death Note Manga

request: What do you do when an online friend you know in real life (though they live away) obviously doesn't want to talk to you anymore and you just gave up upholding the e-mail contact because everything you say to open a longer conversation gets answered with one word replys?
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This line had actually so much impact on me that I used it in a story I wrote.
So I've decided I need a Gaara Icon. My "Yor momma is so fat even Naruto doesn't believe it" icon had to go. I have this one atm but I wanted to decide if another would be better. This one is a bit pale...

[Poll #1437882][Poll #1437882]


Jun. 2nd, 2009 02:52 pm
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Anyone know where the internet saying " It are a fact. I know because of my learnings" comes from?
I have finished 27 books for my "read 50 books this year". I really wanted to do 100 but I could never manage. Well I could read one book a day during the summer holidays and manage but noo...
Anyway since I have to read 25 by the end of June if my math knowledge does not totally fail me I'm good! So yay me!
I will be posting the full lists of all books I read at the end of the year. Well you know I blog about some of them but there are still some that might suprise you. Or maybe not.
Anyone finished Pride and Predjuice and the Zombies book? I started it as ebook but I won't read it whole I think. I'm not really an Austen fan. Ehh *hides* I liked the Emma movie though.
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As some of you know my New Year's resolution is reading 50 books in one year. If you are a math genius like me (feel the sarcasm) you know that that's 3-4 books a month. I have 7 books now.

Verschreibsel used whine. It's not very effective )

So how can you help?
Well you could recommend your favourite Orginal Slash Fiction. It won't help with my resoultion but Slash makes me feel good and I forget all about my resolution. Which is both good and bad. Or just tell me about how you're failing at your resoultion so that we can comfort each other. Or tell me that I'll make up for lost time in the summer holiday when I'll read 10+ books. I don't think many people will comment since my f-list seems to love three things: cookies, secrets and funny memes. Or all in one. XD No offense


Mar. 12th, 2009 04:02 pm
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So all these Girl Scout cookie posts from the american people are making me hungry and curious. Thought due to my home I'll never be able to taste Girl Scout Cookies.

Please tell me they taste horrible! XD Or just tell me about them?
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Okay more information about the stories are under the cut. Please consider reading them before voting![Poll #1357676][Poll #1357676]
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So I just tried to watch something on youtube and I have no sound. But only youtube. Well I didn't try any other video site but the sound on my computer works. My headphones also work. I had this problem before and after a new start it worked again. But I already tried that and still every youtube video is mute. Help please?


Jan. 7th, 2009 03:14 pm
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Why can you only view answers by "Thread" in certain communitys and in others you can "expand"??
This has bothered me forever. I want to expand everything not read threads... :(
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So does anyone have a link to this "Villan Guidelines" there are. I once saw someone check the Avatar baddies for it and I would like to look at it again. There were things like "Don't kill the rolemodel/father/mother of the hero" and stuff like that. "Watch till the hero is really, really dead" etc. Stuff that they do wrong basically. I tried to google it but I didn't find it.


Nov. 24th, 2008 06:52 pm
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Where is the icon from?
I've seen the guy a few times in icons.

Tell me? Please. Or ask someone who could know.

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