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I'm recommending RPF you guys. Mark this day because it will probably never happen again.
A bit of backstory...
I'm not into this paring. I thought The Social Network was a good movie but I loved Inception. I don't usually read RPF with exceptions that I don't even bother saving because it's just a weird craving I have from time to time like wanting to read mpreg. Yes I have fic cravings like people have food cravings. I'm weird. Anyway I know a lot about this paring due to my tumblr dash because I have a few friends who ship it and who will spam all suggestive gifs and interviews to the point where I'm almost convinced that they're actually a couple. One of them once posted this fic, excited about an update and I thought I'd read it because she was really raving about it. And I did not regret it. This is beautiul and so well written. Give it a try you'll forget you're reading about actual people

carry it in my heart 
Author: Robin
Fandom: The Social Network RPS
Pairing: Andrew Garfield/Jesse Eisenberg, mentions of past Andrew Garfield/Robert Sheehan
Rating: will be NC17 eventually
Summary: How Jesse learned to stop worrying and love his costar.


Subscribe, Bitches! Professor Porcelain’s Sing Along Youtube Channel
Part 1 Part 2

Rating: NC-17 for the last bit, PG-13 before that

Paring: Kurt/Blaine

Summary: Glee/Dr. Horrible AU Fusion fic. “I still don’t understand why people insist that just because you’re a supervillain you have to wear the same rubber outfit every day. Just because everyone else seems to lack imagination in the costume department doesn’t mean I have to.”


It’s rec time people! If you love Doctor Horrible and like Glee you’re going to adore this. Often AU Fusion fics can be a bit boring because they tend to copy paste different names for what are basically the same characters. But this is Dr Horrible and then again it’s not. It’s not exactly the same story but you still recognise the musical you love. Without the music naturally. Let me break it down for you.

Penny = Blaine Anderson

Dr. Horrible = Professor Porcelain/Kurt Hummel

Captain Hammer = The Fury/Dave Karofsky

Also starring New Directions as superheros. Featuring Rachel “Gold Star” Berry and Finn “Frankenteen” Hudson and many more. :)

Just read it. I promise you won’t regret it. It’s funny, it’s hot and it’s creative.


You guys

Feb. 6th, 2011 09:32 pm
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Read this fic.

It's Sid/Andy but it's SO GOOD. And hey aren't you glad I'm not reading Buzz/Woody. Plus it's all in their late teenage years for the risky stuff :)
Amazing writing really!
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Crossed outI have it saved but can't fight a link anymore. If you can help please do.


Drabbles: Ashes, Blueberries, Gratful, Overcompensation, Unlce knows best,


Chores series
Mending, Cooking, Gathering by fandomme

by fandomme

Ozai's Vengeance by fandomme

Drink Series
A Girl's Drink, A Man's Drink, A Royal Drink by fandomme

Heaven's Light
by kay_ke

Smoke by Flowerperson

PS: I'm always open to rec suggestions.
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I've been working on a rec list for all my fandoms but I thought I'd do Kuroshitsuji now since [ profile] toshi_hakari asked. Here it goes. I might post the Avatar one as well since I finished that one too.

Fanfiction recs

Dreamcatcher, Indefinite, Nature Boy, Spider Web and Liar read by [ profile] moon_maiden36 

Beneath the surface by Elsalhir
Bittersweet by Moonshine_369
But A Humble Servant by Cat_In_My_Fridge
Cardinal Sins by GoodbyeMyHeart
Coins by GoodbyeMyHeart
Desiderata by mellish
Forever Not Yours by Tyan
Fragile by Elsalhir
Hans Complex by [ profile] i_are_qualified /Elsalhir
House of Red by Maiden of the Moon (this one is very angsty. And the order is mixed up so you can decide whether you want to read it chronologically with latin numbers or the way the author posted :) And it's AU)
Lavender by toujourspret
Perfect In Miniature by toujourspret
Mirror, Mirror by Cat_In_My_Fridge
Payback by Maiden of the Moon
Playing the game by tsusami
Sacrifices by Maiden of the Moon
Songbird by Eden Lies
That Butler, Cat Lover by TheLadyPendragon
The Demon's Grasp by Poet of Heartfelt Sins
Tit For Tat by Elsahir (Finny/Ciel in one chapter)
Toppings by Maiden of the Moon
Warning! Devil by Elsalhir
When the Gloves come off by Pixieblade
Untitled by[ profile] yume_odori  Paring: Thompson/Timber/Canterbury[/Alois]

I really need to get a delicious account for this.
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Glee is back!

How ironic is it that I called this gif Strike A Pose even before the Madonna and Vogue video was announced? haha :) I just love old Madonna.

Glee episode Hell-O was a bit of a let down I won't lie about that. Really long review. Ever notice how the longer a show is away the longer the first review gets? And then it gets less and before the finale it's more again )

House episode Lockdown directed by Hugh Laurie(!) was pretty good.Though I can't quiet put my finger on it )
How I met your mother episode was such a let down I can't even begin.But you know I will anyway )
The Big Bang Theory episode The Wheaton Recurrence was pretty stupid. Wheaton Crushers? )
Music rec

Oh Boy - Miss Li
From some car commerical. They always have catchy music.


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