Apr. 10th, 2011

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As you may have notice I haven't been around at all. And yes I am on tumblr when I'm not around. I met some great people there but I still value the friends I made here. But talking to kidscrappy today I decided that I needed to do a friends cut. I joined many friending memes shortly before I joined tumblr and after and let's be honest I never really got to know you guys. So I'm defriending anyone who I don't really have a personal connection with. Not just people from those friends memes but also people that I simply know nothing about.

Please do not take it personal. I just feel like I've been a shitty friend and at the moment I don't feel like trying to keep up with people I don't know very well. I have my friends on here and I know about them and how I know them and they know about me. And I just think it's time I only see these people when I look through my f-list so that I'm more motivated to comment instead of feeling guilty for not knowing about their lives.

So feel free to defriend me or comment if I haven't defriended you but you think we should part ways. I won't be mad. I'll try to post more once most TV shows start up again I think or I'll try to update about my personal life again or hell even fanfiction. I have an idea in mind I just might write. Well apart from the Wes/Gavel tumblr made me write.

I'm sorry I was a shitty friend. Also if any of you are friends with me on tumblr or something and I used to follow you and unfollowed or I never did follow you we probably don't have many fandoms in common at least not in the posts we post so it's not about friendship but more about keeping my dash neater. And if any of you want to talk to me more again you can ask for my e-mail for msn or follow me on tumblr if you have one. :) I'm also trying to set up skype but that will take a while.

It's not easy to me to defriend some people because we have talked a few times but fact is we never really became friends. If I really misjudged something I'll gladly add you back again and if we part now there won't be any hard feeling I promise. And I hope you'll feel the same way. I really want this to be something I'm doing for you so you can just have me off your f-list when I do my rare posts. :)

This has been a post.

PS: If any of my mutual followers on tumblr are my friends on here would you be so kind to post your username again? I keep getting them confused. I mean I know some but a refresher can't hurt. Thanks.


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