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 Probably judgemental. So the pictures and information of the contenders for a role in Glee on Project Glee were released here. My tumblr dash has apparently decided that Cameron should win because he's sorta hipster cute and tumblr is fickle and hipster-y.

My thoughts on the Glee Project contenders
I wanted to look at their interviews but then I just looked at the pictures unless I don’t get a good impression.
He seems nice. A bit too energetic for my taste maybe. But I don’t dislike him.
Oh I don’t like her. “I was one of the most clothed [at my prom]!! WTF!! Thank goodness I had a prettier face than them! Doesn’t my butt look so good!! DAMN!!! I need to workout to get my coolie like that again!”

Plus 22 pictures? 10 would be enough. Plus it’s always “My parents made me do this.” and my “My parents made me do that.” not a good sign. Yeah no she’s not someone I want on Glee. Sorry.
Typical actress? Seems very attention grabbing. Not necessarily a bad thing so we’ll have to see.
I like him! But I fear that they’ve only included him to show they’ve included someone who is “different” :(
She seems like fun! Not much information about her here though.
I like him but he seems to enjoy making his own music more. I don’t think he’s right for Glee. Maybe it will help him get more fans though. He doesn’t seem very “commercial”. And that’s what Glee is.
Nice. Again I might have a problem with him being such a popular guy. Maybe because I’m jealous. He seems like the guy the unpopular people like me hate because he seems to get everything handed to him. Whether that’s true or not. Eh
I’ve got a feeling he might end up being my favourite. Most people probably don’t notice him much but I think he has potential, plus he’s from Ireland.
She sounds like she might offend a lot of people by accident. Wearing something similar to native American headwear for dressing up, saying she relishes her experiences in Japan even more after the disaster? Ehhh Too naive to make it I think. She comes across as very young.
Nice but might not get in since they have two “bigger” girls on the show already. Always surrended by friends in all the pictures she gave them. Good sign I guess.
Look at me I’m quirky! I’m so down with the boys! She kinda seems that way. Hipster. I’m calling it. I mean come on “The dress was made for me by a friend, and I refused to wear heels because I hated them at the time and I wanted to look like myself.”

There’s nothing about him there really. But people love him on tumblr? Eh. He looks a bit too old. I think it will be a hit and miss for me. Either I’ll hate him or I’ll love him.

What do you guys think?


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