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You guys know I'm a BroTP shipper.

No seriously it was a great episode. New identities. Ted not being allowed to quote Oscar Wilde. Because I love quoting Oscar Wilde. So many call backs and shout outs. Rock opera about a frozen yoghurt shop! Yes I count this as Doctor Horrible shout out. Lily being Mery Streep. Being way too mean to her assistant. Ted and Robin being together. The red cowboy boots. THEY'RE ALSO A BAND AND THEY SANG THE THEME SONG. I died a little. I need to cut that out of the video and put it on my ipod. And the Club names scene. So awesome. "OK Awesome" Callback anyone? Marshall knowing how to pronounce Lame. Seriously someone needs to pick out all the call backs and shout outs. They are what make HIMYM awesome. And Lily's crush on Mila Kunis. Totally fits with all these straight girls falling for her after Black Swan. And Robin was totally badass in this episode as well. I love Robin and Ted bantering in general but the break up reanactment "I would have stolen you a whole orchestra." Writing plays is a real job! Marshall won a Tony! Lily brought French cooking back to America. Ted is a doofus and a half. RED COWBOY BOOTS. I love that so much. "Someone wants to knock boots." I love it. Seriously this episode was soooo good.

I know I barley mentioned the Barney's father thing but I'm really not that interested sorry. Maybe I have a problem with driving instructors since I started driving haha But I thought it was sweet that he tried to be what Barney wanted him to be. I don't know who Barney meant with having met the right girl. Probably Nora. I'm half and half on the wedding at the end of the season. I can't see it being Barney and Robin getting married because that would be an even bigger challenge for the writers to keep in character than when they were together. I think it could be one of them getting married like Barney marrying Nora so he can feel like he has done his dad proud? What do you guys think?
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