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Why are all my shows on break?
I feel like I never post anymore. I'm all over tumblr reblogging and it's made me even lazier. I need to get shit done. I'll make a personal post with a list later.

So Glee. Mixed feelings but overall I loved it. Which may have been due to sleep deprivation.
Yes I stayed up. I went to bed at 8 pm though so I got about as much sleep as I otherwise do.

New Directions

So what went down in New Directions? The celibacy club returned. I was never a huge fan. Don't get me wrong. If someone wants to remain celibate that's their choice. I'm not saying they're frigid or naive. As long as you are educated and are doing it because you really want to. I know it's hard sometimes because have sex one time and you're a slut. Never have sex and you're frigid.

But if you're doing it as a facade like Quinn then I'm not cool with it. Plus education. I would totally be okay with Emma not wanting to have sex and hell she can even be in love with Will but I will get into that in the adults category. But as a guidance counselor she should be informed. And information even could make anyone less scared of sex. It's the unknown we mostly fear though. But anyway she should at least refer Rachel to someone if she has questions. Simply ignoring it. You have to deal with these things.

So yes. So I'll quickly say something about Quinn/Finn and then it will be all Britanna. So I like them sometimes. They're kinda cute. But Quinn is acting like a bitch. At least apologize to the people you've heard. Plus Quinn seems to be using him to win prom queen and I don't like how they set her character development back with all of this. She came such a long way and now it's all ruined again and she behaves the same way she did last season with Rachel. Disappointed.

So Brittana. I'll be honest I loved how they handled it. I liked how it ended. Not because I don't want it to happen. But let me explain. I'm so glad they approached it this way. While I was watching I got the vibe that Santana identfies as a lesbian and Brittany as bisexual. But whatever. Why do we have to put labels on everything (thanks Misfits!)? Anyway I liked that Brittany spoke up and they talked about it with Holly. And sang about it. Because it's Glee. And Santana's confession.

"I love you"

Endless tears. But I'm glad about Brittany's decision. I always felt guilty for liking Artie/Brittany because I KNOW they just dropped the Brittany/Santana storyline. But he always treated her well right? Artie may act like a sexist douche sometimes but he tries to be a good boyfriend. To Brit Brit at least. Anyway I liked that she didn't just dump him. Because it really seemed like she liked him romantically. But I'm also very sad for Santana because she opened up and was rejected. Which is why I'll be needing epic Kurt/Santana HBIC fanfiction like now. But anyway I felt like they found a good way to set it up and I loved it. I'm glad they didn't leave Artie out and just have Brittany dump him because to me that would be just as bad with dropping a relationship again. But in the end I think Brittany and Santana share a bond more deep. So yes I think they will happen.

Landslide was really moving as well. I'm glad Holly helped them.This episode really exceeded my expectations after how poorly they handled bisexuality in BIOTA.

PS: Liked the Puck/Lauren development. I love their little subplot about making a sex tape. Too funny!

Warblers/Kurt my love/That Blaine guy

Well I didn't like the Animal performance much due to second-hand embarrassment for Kurt. I would have loved it if they had done it seriously and the other Warblers were great. Especially when you get to know them it's fun to look for them in the background. RIKER! DOM! Anyway. I liked the song listening to it but the performance did nothing for me.

Although it makes no sense that Kurt has no sex appeal unless he's too neverous in front of Blaine because what else was Push It? And really any song he performs but that might just be my Chris Colfer obsession speaking. And of course the girls are representative for fandom even though one does wonder why they followed a bunch of boys into an empty warehouse with the promise of sexy happenings. Just wondering. And really 4 Minutes! That boy knows how to dance much better. Same as Rachel forgetting about "Girls want sex as much as guys do". Glee just loves dropping plot lines or character traits.

So Blaine told Kurt he looked gassy. How flattering. And then he tried to teach him the smoulder.

But Blaine please there's a whole tumblr of your derpy expressions so what gives you the right to judge anyone?

Exactly. I liked that Blaine asked Burt to talk to Kurt. He wants Kurt to be safe. And the talk Burt and Kurt had. Sweetest thing ever. Everyone needs to hear this talk. You are worth something. <3 Mike O'Malley and Chris Colfer and great together. The acting chemistry is off the charts. I reall believe that they are father and son. I was very happy with the scene that it wasn't just comedy but actual advice.

Although my headcanon that Blaine is bad at cars and loves that Kurt is good with them has been jossed. Oh well. And to be honest I'd be like

too if my mother or father tried to give me the talk by now.

And I felt like Blaine talking about being 100% gay was a little reminder that we're supposed to pretend BIOTA never happened.

I swear the writers are each writing a differnt show and Ian must really hate Glee a lot.

Adults being silly
Afternoon delight was so hilarious. Kurt would have stopped those horrible outfits though. And all the pie pictures made me hungry. But Emma was making out with Carl in her office and married him and suddenly she's in love with Will still? Did she learn nothing from Ken? How can she marry Carl and do that do him when she knows she feels for Will. It's fine that she has intimacy issues and is in love. But you don't marry another guy if you're in that situation. Otherwise the song...

Yeah. I loved Holly Holiday like last episode she was in. She's so funny and inappropiate lol Not even pedo!Will beats her. I don't care about Will/Holly as long as she stays the same. And Do You Wanna Touch Me? HOTTEST THING EVER. WERQ. Emma/Carl and Will/Holly please. DNW Wemma again.

And that's all. Promo looked good but eh not by much. Also a bit of discussion. Personally I don't think Santana is like Karofsky at all. Yes she bullies people with words because of her feelings. But she doesn't single one bisexual or gay girl out and sexually assaults her. And YES I do think what Karofsky did was sexual assaults. Some people like to argue that but to me it's up to the person it happened to to decide and Kurt clearly felt that way. Santana never went as far as death threats or being expelled and still not stopping.


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