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I'm recommending RPF you guys. Mark this day because it will probably never happen again.
A bit of backstory...
I'm not into this paring. I thought The Social Network was a good movie but I loved Inception. I don't usually read RPF with exceptions that I don't even bother saving because it's just a weird craving I have from time to time like wanting to read mpreg. Yes I have fic cravings like people have food cravings. I'm weird. Anyway I know a lot about this paring due to my tumblr dash because I have a few friends who ship it and who will spam all suggestive gifs and interviews to the point where I'm almost convinced that they're actually a couple. One of them once posted this fic, excited about an update and I thought I'd read it because she was really raving about it. And I did not regret it. This is beautiul and so well written. Give it a try you'll forget you're reading about actual people

carry it in my heart 
Author: Robin
Fandom: The Social Network RPS
Pairing: Andrew Garfield/Jesse Eisenberg, mentions of past Andrew Garfield/Robert Sheehan
Rating: will be NC17 eventually
Summary: How Jesse learned to stop worrying and love his costar.


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Part 1 Part 2

Rating: NC-17 for the last bit, PG-13 before that

Paring: Kurt/Blaine

Summary: Glee/Dr. Horrible AU Fusion fic. “I still don’t understand why people insist that just because you’re a supervillain you have to wear the same rubber outfit every day. Just because everyone else seems to lack imagination in the costume department doesn’t mean I have to.”


It’s rec time people! If you love Doctor Horrible and like Glee you’re going to adore this. Often AU Fusion fics can be a bit boring because they tend to copy paste different names for what are basically the same characters. But this is Dr Horrible and then again it’s not. It’s not exactly the same story but you still recognise the musical you love. Without the music naturally. Let me break it down for you.

Penny = Blaine Anderson

Dr. Horrible = Professor Porcelain/Kurt Hummel

Captain Hammer = The Fury/Dave Karofsky

Also starring New Directions as superheros. Featuring Rachel “Gold Star” Berry and Finn “Frankenteen” Hudson and many more. :)

Just read it. I promise you won’t regret it. It’s funny, it’s hot and it’s creative.



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